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Our team of experts have many years of experience in EICR testing across all types of commercial buildings.

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Commercial EICR Experts

At Akehurst Electrical Services, we have vast experience in completing EICR assessments and repairs for commercial and industrial properties, from schools to hospitals, warehouses, and offices.

We are fully qualified and able to provide a detailed review and upgrade of the electrical system in your commercial building.

Our experienced team will ensure that your electrical installation remains compliant, and any potential electrical issues will be highlighted.

Electrical Inspection by two Akehurst staff

A Large Team of NICEIC Registered Electricians

Established in 2016, we’ve built a team of trusted electricians with a wealth of knowledge and are fully insured.

Official EICR Documents Provided

We undertake a thorough and high-quality electrical assessment, providing you with the official documentation afterwards.

Covering London & the South East

We are one of the leading electrical companies covering London & the South East. We provide bespoke quotes to meet your needs and budget.

What is an EICR?

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a formal document provided by a qualified electrician following an inspection of the electrical system on any commercial or industrial property.

An EICR involves examining all electrical installations on the premises to ensure they comply with national safety standards. An EICR is critical in identifying any potential electrical faults and risks and helps to ensure the safety of tenants, staff, and visitors.

Electrician Wiring

Does my property need an EICR?

Regularly checking and making improvements to the building’s electrical installations can prevent any potential faults or issues with the electric systems and help to prevent fires that can spread quickly in a commercial building. Commercial and industrial properties are recommended to keep an up to date EICR. Not having an EICR or an out of date EICR could make an employer liable and may invalidate your insurances.

How often do I need an EICR?

A qualified electrician must test and review all electrical systems and installations within a commercial and industrial property at least once every five years.

The frequency in which this needs to be undertaken varies by the type of commercial property and depends on the risk factor of the environment. If the electrical installation within the commercial property is old, it may be recommended to carry out the test again in less time than the usual recommended number of years; this will be determined by the professional during the test.

Additionally, any time there is a change in use, occupancy, or ownership of the property, we’d recommend one of our commercial electricians should come and test the installation.

The table below highlights the number of years an EICR report is required for each type of commercial property that we can help to service:

Every Year Every 3 Years Every 5 Years
Hospitals* Factories & Industrial Buildings Offices
Petrol Stations Spa Hotels Schools
Swimming Pools Leisure Centres*** Laboratories
Launderettes Theatres Shops
Marinas Caravan Parks Community Centres
Cinemas** Farms Churches

*Excluding general areas

**Excluding back of house

***Excluding swimming pools

What does an EICR Assessment involve?

A member of our experienced and qualified team, who have many years of experience in EICR testing across all types of commercial buildings, will visit your property to test and identify any potential areas of risk, including areas requiring RCD protection.

We will recommend any issues that need immediate or urgent action, as well as any potential improvements, and identify areas for further testing. Following the assessment, you will receive a formal document confirming that your electrical systems are in good, safe working condition, or if there are any repairs to be made. We can then carry out any required repairs or improvements if necessary.

During the assessment, we will review:

  • All electrical installations and equipment
  • Distribution boards
  • Fixed wiring
  • Socket outlets
  • Light fittings
  • Switches
Industrial Lighting for Mountain Bike Manufacturer

Recent Electrical Projects

Akehurst Group embarked on a transformative electrical project for T W White & Sons’ Mazda showroom in Bookham, Surrey.
The Akehurst Group took on a groundbreaking electrical renovation for Propane Bikes’ flagship showroom, located at the heart of the UK headquarters.

Trusted by the UKs leading regulators

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of our most common questions. 

An EICR lasts up to a maximum of five years, less for some commercial and Industrial properties. See our table above for a breakdown of renewal by the number of years.

Assessments are dependent on the size of the property and any issues that may arise during the inspection.

Quotes vary based on the size of the building. Contact us today to find out more about EICR testing for your commercial property.