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Our expert team has vast experience in supplying 3 phase power to your commercial or industrial property.

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3 Phase Power Experts

Get consistent supply with 3 phase power to your commercial or industrial property. Our fully NICEIC-qualified team have experience supplying 3 phase electrics to a range of properties from schools to office buildings.

Our team can assess, advise and undertake all aspects of supplying 3 phase power to your commercial or industrial property, ensuring the highest quality and service levels.

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A Large Team of NICEIC Registered Electricians

Established in 2016, we’ve built a team of trusted electricians with a wealth of knowledge and are fully insured.

Specialists in Commercial Work

Our electricians have vast experience across many industries, ensuring they are well-equipped to undertake all kinds of electrical work.

Covering London & the South East

We are one of the leading electrical companies covering London & the South East. We provide bespoke quotes to meet your needs and budget.

What is a 3 Phase Power Supply?

A 3 phase power supply is an electric system that can withstand large volumes of current and is, therefore, a requirement for industrial and large-scale commercial properties with high electrical usage and energy requirements. Due to their high power density, which allows for higher volumes of power transmission and smooth power delivery, 3 phase power systems offer optimal levels of efficiency and performance. Their smaller, less expensive wiring and lower voltage means they are more environmentally friendly, making them the perfect solution for industrial and commercial properties.
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What Are 3 Phase Power Systems Usually Used For?

3 phase systems are commonly used in both industrial and manufacturing environments due to the large amount of electrical current passing through the various types of specialist equipment, 3 phase electrical systems are essential for some types of electrical equipment, including:

  • Air conditioning units
  • Heating systems
  • Motors and pumps
  • Plant and heavy machinery
  • UPS systems
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What is the Difference Between Single and 3 Phase Power Supplies?

The UK identifies two types of power supplies: single phase and 3 phase electrical systems. Single phase systems are traditionally used in domestic properties with less powerful electric requirements. Single phase systems have a two-wire alternating current, consisting of a power and neutral wire, with power flowing through both.

A 3 phase electrical system provides three separate currents. It has three fuses, allowing for a consistent and steady stream of power, which can safely handle higher loads and withstand three times the amount of power as a single phase supply.


Is a 3 Phase Power Supply Cost Effective?

As well as being safer and more efficient for commercial properties, the maintenance costs associated with 3 phase electrical systems are more cost-efficient in the long run. Once the initial system has been installed, the price per unit of electricity is equal to a single phase system, and the higher voltage allowance for three phase power systems means you may need to install fewer, therefore saving money.

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The Akehurst Group took on a groundbreaking electrical renovation for Propane Bikes’ flagship showroom, located at the heart of the UK headquarters.
Akehurst Group embarked on a transformative electrical project for T W White & Sons’ Mazda showroom in Bookham, Surrey.

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